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Winter Premium SAKE Flight!!!

We started a new SAKE Flight.

Price is $15.

●Suigei(酔鯨) bottle 300ml/$19.25

Fennel,hops and unrepentant strawberry flavor with a hint of rose on the nose.

Extremely clean,the “Drunken Whale” is for the serious Sake drinkers.


●Akagisan(赤城山) bottle 300ml/$23.50

It’s finished dry in the low-temperature and long-term.

Enjoy the aroma with a flavor and crisp,gorgeous quality of liquor.


●Minanogawa(男女川) bottle 720ml/$55.00

This hearty and bold sake has a refreshing, fruit-like sweetness and a fine lingering finish.

As the temperature rises gradually, the firm flavor opens even further, allowing one to feel the quality of the rice and water on one’s palate.


This Sake flight is also sold in bottles.