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We have KUBOTA Manjyu!

Kubota Manjyu is the representative brand of Kubota, it is the highest peak.
Speaking of Kubota, there are more people who think of “Manjyu”, Niigata is proud of the brand that has penetrated sake brewer.

The taste is gentle smell of gentle smell of good quality that can be safely combined with meals, it is not too spicy, while feeling softness, I think that the last is refreshing and Kubota-like aftertaste.


KUBOTA Manjyu 720ml/$125.00

Honeysuckle and tuberose aroma with flavors of Fuji apple and spiced tart pear.The very rare and most sought after Junmai Daiginjo in japan.


久保田 萬寿は、久保田の代表銘柄であり、最高峰です。


味わいは、食事とも合わせて差し支えない程度のおだやかで品のある吟醸香があり、 辛すぎないず、やわらかさを感じつつ、最後はスッキリと久保田らしい後味