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Special alcohol SAKE arrived!

The other day, when the president returned from Japan I bought a special sake. It is three kinds of sake of pure rice big daiginjo from Japan. Because there is only one in each, it is first come first serve. Please come and visit if you like alcohol. It is alcohol that does not come in handy in the USA.

1.久保田 純米大吟醸 720ml $200 (KUBOTA/JUNMAIDAIGINJO from NIIGATA)

2.加賀鳶 純米大吟醸 千日囲い 720ml $200 (KAGATOBI/JUNMAIDAIGINJO from ISHIKAWA)

3.獺祭 純米大吟醸 磨き二割三分 720ml $200(DASSAI/JUNMAIDAIGINJO from YAMAGUCHI)